Postcard 29: Lucian & the Zebra

Jemma and I have known each other since we were children. In high school we struck up a friendship where we weathered the angst of our teenage years together. We watched a lot of Monty Python, played Scrabble, ate unhealthy food, wore questionable outfits, and loitered in various places like delinquents…you know, the typical teenage stuff. One of our more erudite activities was going to art classes on the weekend – our high school art teacher was crap so we decided to take the matter into our own hands. I looked forward to those Saturday afternoons, painting and drawing while drinking tea.

Jemma has since become a great artist and actor, if you are in Johannesburg at the moment you should really make the time to see her play “The Epicene Butcher and Other Stories for Consenting Adults” at The Market Theatre- its magical. This portrait of a young Lucian Freud is to commemorate our shared love of art.



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