Bonus Postcard: Memento Mori

Memento mori  literally translates from Latin as “remember your mortality”. It is a macabre artistic tradition of death portraits or symbolic paintings that function to remind people of the inevitability of death. Memento Mori artworks have featured in canon of fine art from Mediaeval times up until the current day. For some reason I’ve always had an appreciation of the genre – don’t ask me why- but I thought the postcard project would be a good opportunity to create one.


Here are some memento mori artworks that I have liked:


Memento Mori – To This Favour (1879) -William Michael Harnett


A Thousand Things (2012) – Wim Botha


Vanitas (c. 1671) – Philippe de Champaigne



“At the bottom of the Empire State Building the body of Evelyn McHale reposes calmly in grotesque bier, her falling body punched into the top of a car.” (1947) – Robert C. Wiles

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